Merchandising Society

Merchandising Society

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In 1961, Professor Nathan Axelrod had a dream of creating an organization where students at the Fashion Institute of Technology could come together to share their common interest in the business of fashion. Now five decades strong, the Merchandising Society has evolved from baby to giant, upholding the prestigious title of FIT’s largest campus organization, growing from thirty to a monumental 300 members and counting.

The Merchandising Society follows one mission: to enhance our members’ college experience by exposing them to all facets of the fashion industry. The Merchandising Society is dedicated to creating connections with professionals in the fashion and retail industries by hosting guest speakers, visiting company headquarters, and holding several alumni networking events throughout the year.



Students involved in Merchandising Society also run the Style Shop, a boutique located in the Dubinsky Lobby of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Students are buyers, managers, designers, and sales associates for the store.

 We carry designer pieces, industry merchandise, our store's very own product development line, and an assortment of must-have vintage clothing and home-goods. The store is completely open to the public, so feel free to head on in through the Dubinsky Building entrance and check out our merchandise!



“The Style Shop is a jewel on the FIT campus. Creative and great fun to browse through, it is a shop that clearly knows its customer. Its stock—some of which is designed and made by FIT students—is well-selected and always delightful. It is also a great example of FIT’s hallmark hands-on learning because it is fully operated by FIT students—all members of the college’s Merchandising Society. I shop here often and hope that you will too.”

- Dr. Joyce F. Brown (President, The Fashion Institute of Technology)

Fifty years rich in history, the Merchandising Society is still harboring Nathan Axelrod’s vision, cultivating a sense of fellowship and camaraderie amongst its members. With each new class of students taking on leadership roles within the club, we are certain that the Merchandising Society and Style Shop will continue to flourish for years to come.


Come learn about us!

Following meeting dates for September:

September 18th, 2018 

September 25th, 2018