The Executive Board

Lauren Riddle, President

I am Lauren Riddle, the President of Merchandising Society. Currently, I am majoring in Fashion Business Management with a double specialization in Buying and Planning and Management. I have been an active member of Merchandising Society since my Freshman Year. I was born and raised in Long Island.

I started off as Historian Assistant for the club my Freshmen year, in-charge of making the club video for each semester. It allowed me take part of some of the amazing events that the club holds. My Sophomore year, I was Industry Liaison Manager. In this position, I gained networking skills that I used to build relationships for Merchandising Society. I was in charge of booking guest speakers, and corporate day visits for the club. My favorite memory that I made in this position was booking an office visit at American Eagle, it was new for the club and I'm happy that I gained that relationship for the club to have.

The Merchandising Society, has showed me aspects of the fashion industry every week that I didn't think I would get to explore until I was much more experienced in the industry. One of my favorite parts of Merchandising Society, is the Style Shop. I love being able to get industry experience and retail experience while being in college. I also love the Style Shop PD Merch, I love having unique merchandise from FIT that was produced and bought by my friends.

Since I have been heavily involved in Merchandising Society, I have gained some amazing internship opportunities at; Kleinfeld Bridal, Nine West and F. Schumacher. All of these experiences I owe to Merchandising Society because of the real life experience I have gained from the club.

Being in Merchandising Society, I have made some of my best friends. Everyone in the club is dedicated and career driven. I love being influenced by such hard working individuals. I encourage everyone to join Merchandising Society, for the connections, life-long friendships, and industry experience.

PS: I was also on Say Yes to The Dress. I wasn't a bride, just an intern!

Katelyn Prinz, Vice President

Hello! My name is Katelyn Prinz, I am a current senior majoring in Fashion Business Management with a specialization in Product Development. I have been a member of MS since I was a freshman and have loved the experience!

This is my first major position within Merchandising Society, but I have always been highly involved on and off campus at FIT. I have been a two-year captain of FIT’s Women’s Soccer Team, Style Shop Visual Merchandising Team Member and a Leadership Ambassador for FIT. These experience combined have greatly assisted me in the transition of becoming Merchandising Society’s Vice-President. As VP my main responsibility is organizing the two corporate trips we take both fall and spring semester. Having the chance to visit prosperous and enriched companies is such great exposure to life after FIT, and I absolutely love having the opportunity to coordinate and plan the best trip for this club.

I am so excited to be not only your Vice-President, but to be spending my senior year with the greatest club around!

Nicole Dorsey, Treasurer

Hello!! My name is Nicole Dorsey and I'm the Treasurer of Merchandising Society! I am currently a junior majoring in Fashion Business Management, with specializations in Buying/Planning and Product Development. My sophomore year I was Store Operations Assistant for The Style Shop. By being in Merchandising Society, I was able to make life-long friendships as well as endless networking opportunities.  

In addition to being on the Executive Board of the Merchandising Society, I am an Allocation Intern at Modell's Sporting Goods. In the past I have interned at Halston Heritage, Carole Hochman Design Group, Komar Brands and Tommy Hilfiger, all of my internships have been gained due to being a part of Merchandising Society.

My favorite part of Merchandising Society is making new friends and going on the various day trips. These experiences allow me to figure out what I would like to do upon graduation, as well as learn about different segments of the Fashion Industry!

I look forward to being Merchandising Societies Treasurer!



Larissakate, Secretary

Hello! My name is Larissakate Robinson and I am currently a junior majoring in Fashion Business Management with specialization in Product Development.  This is my first year on the executive board, something I’ve dreamed of since freshman year. Being the alumni manager freshman year and social media assistant sophomore year, has prepared me for this role. I love the Merchandising Society because it’s a great club to network and gain industry experience. I also can’t thank enough all the members who dedicate their time to make this club a fun and unforgettable experience.