The Executive Board

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President | Hailey Tirado

My name is Hailey and I am the President of Merchandising Society. I'm from Long Island, NY and I am a Junior majoring in Fashion Business Management with a double specialization in Product Development and Buying and Planning. I've interned with Mamiye Brothers in Merchandising, where I worked on Rebel Wilson's clothing line; at Un Deux Trois in Sales where I worked in fancy dresses which sold to high end stores like Saks 5th Avenue; and I recently worked with Tara Pearls, as a Merchandise Assistant where I was able to work with fine jewelry. My dream is to work in fine jewelry for a high-end retailer, which I realized through my past internships. 

My goal for this year is to create a fun, inclusive, educational environment for all members through guest speakers, corporate trips, and fun activities. You can always find me at the campus Starbucks, and I love chatting with members about ways to enhance the club and their experience, so please feel free to reach out at any time for advice, questions, or if you just need a friend. My experiences in the industry and what I've learned at FIT and in Merchandising Society have opened numerous doors for me and I look forward to creating more valuable opportunities for members within the club! 


Vice President | Larissakate Robinson

Hello, My name is Larissakate Robinson and I’m your Vice President this year! I’m currently a senior majoring in Fashion Business Management and specializing in Product Development. I first learned about the Merchandising Society at freshman orientation and knew then that my goal during my time at FIT would be to hold a leadership position on the Executive board. I started my Merchandising Society career as the Alumni Manager, then as a Sophomore I held the position of Social Media Assistant Manager. My Junior year I was lucky enough to be voted in as Secretary which has led me to pursue once again a position on the Exec board as Vice President.

The Merchandising Society has given me countless opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. From landing my dream internship at Christian Louboutin to gaining friendships and connection that will last well after my time here at FIT. My goal this year is to not only plan an unforgettable corporate trip, but to give our members a welcoming and supportive experience that will keep them dedicated to the Merchandising Society years after they’ve left FIT.


Secretary | Melissa Rodriguez

Hi my name is Melissa Rodriguez and I am the Secretary of Merchandising Society. I am a current senior majoring in Fashion Business Management specializing in Product Development. During my years involved in Merchandising Society I have held various positions including Product Development Team Member, Product Development Assistant Buyer, and Head Designer Buyer for Style Shop.

I have also had many opportunities interning while at FIT. I have interned for The Doneger Group as a Price Point Buying Intern, Toys "R" Us as a Product Development Intern and De'Longhi as a Product Development Intern. This past summer I interned at the Kohl's New York Design Office as a Product Development Intern on the LC Lauren Conrad team and have been offered a full-time position to continue as a Product Development Coordinator starting next August. Merchandising Society is an amazing club to be a part of and has allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime!


Treasure | Colleen Forrester

Hi! My name is Colleen Forrester and I'm your treasurer this year! I'm a Fashion Business Management major specializing in Fashion Management. I've been involved in Merchandising Society since I was a freshman and am so happy to have worked in so many different positions that have helped me gain real life experience. My second year I was a team member on the Social Media team for Merchandising Society, my third year I became the Human Resources manager for Style Shop, and now I'm here!

I am so grateful for the opportunities that Merchandising Society has given me. I have gotten two of my past internships through the club. My past internship I was in was a marketing position and now I am entering a new internship for Product Development! Not only has this club given me amazing opportunities, but has also led me to meet my best friends. I am so grateful that I became involved with Merchandising Society and am excited for an amazing year!