Style Shop Teams




Our Digital Team is responsible for our new and upcoming e-commerce website! They handle all the merchandise on the website, orders and anything else that comes with the store. Stay tuned to find out more and when the website will be launching! 

Elisa Costanza, Manager

Sarah Balogh, Assistant Manager

Emma Rainson, Team Member

Heather Seidenberg, Team Member

Theresa Moreno, Team Member


Human Resources

All our our Merchandise Society members are required to work a Style Shop for one hour each week. In order to make sure this happens, our HR team keeps everyone in check. Each semester they take time to create a Style Shop retreat to teach us Group Work and help everyone of the Managers Team to get to know one another.

Colleen Forrester, Manager

Kayla Tarsan, Assistant Manager



Just like our Finance team, our Marketing Manager and her assistant work directly with Student Life to ensure that all of FIT knowns about Style Shop events and promotions. they come up from the Most Creative Trend of the Week, which can be viewed here on our website or on our Tumblr.

Jillian Cirrito, Manager

Hazel Cummings, Assistant Manager

Elyse Anand, Team Member


Public Relations

Our PR team in in charge of handling all events at the Style Shop. Throughout the semester, they work on planning these in-store parties and promotions to increase sales, store traffic and overall, a fun atmosphere at The Style Shop. 

Ashley Gray, Manager

Rochele Trainor, Assistant Manager

Daniela Duran, Team Member


Store Operations 

Our Store Ops Team deals with the opening and closing of our store, cleaning and checking that all of our sales are in order each day. We also wouldn't have our Style Shop pink and black shopping bags if it weren't for them.  

Melanie Drago, Manager

Sydney Drake, Assistant Manager

Emma Heard, Team Member

Samantha Sosa, Team Member

Chloe Rocamora, Team Member


Visual Merchandising 

Our store couldn't look as incredible as it does without the creative minds of our Visual Merchandising Team. They put in the extra effort to make sure our store and merchandise looks perfect. Just about everyday you can find our Visuals Manager and her assistant in the store checking up on their working and fixing the smallest things.  

Kristin Leone, Manager

Danielle Christ, Assistant Manager

Andrea Gadinis, Team Member

Olivia Gonzalez, Team Member


The Designer Team manages accounts within the FIT community. They buy merchandise made from students, faculty and alumni. Each piece they buy is unique and special, making the customer feel that they've made a fantastic purchase.

Melissa Rodriguez, Manager

Cate Stiffler, Assitant Manager

Angela Flegert, Team Member

Brittany Segal, Team Member

Jaime Miller, Team Member


Finance & Planning 

The Style Shop wouldn't be able to handle to manage it's stock and funds without the Finance & Planning Teams. The work closely with real finance plans based off of those that are used and taught in the Fashion Business Management program at FIT. While our Planning Team keeps our inventory in check, our Finance Team manages our budgets and works closely with the Student Life staff to ensure we are watching our wallets as well as the school's. 

Michelle Grigal, Finance Manager

Adriane Tan, Finance Assistant Manager



Tara O'Brien, Planning Manager

Leah Becker, Planning Manager



The Industry Team lives up to it's name; they literally go and buy from the industry! Our student buyers utilize the wholesale vendors that are nestled in around the fashion district, as well as go to trade shows to find the most trendy fashion products at great prices! We buy everything from jewelry to handbags to clothing and so much more!

Ashna Arora, Manager

Karina Ferreira, Assistant Manager

Mackenzie Milano, Team Member

Stephanie Buonasera, Team Member

Mia Noce, Team Member


Product Development

Product Development is known as the creative side of the business. Our team pulls together ideas and makes them come to life. From t-shirts, to towels, and more our team is there for the Style Shop's creative need!

Maria Beneventano, Manager

Gabriela Berrios, Assistant Manager

Alexandria English, Team Member

Jessie Lawrence, Team Member

Sophia Nguyen, Team Member


Social Media

FIT is striving to be the center of omnichannel retailing. But what if we told you it's already happening at The Style Shop? Our Web Relations team is set on making The Style Shop known through the use of online tools and marketing. It is their job to post on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and even this website!

Desirae Bruckner, Manager

Caroline Prentiss, Assistant Manager

Brianna Norberto, Team Member



Vintage clothing isn't just part of our store; it's part of NYC! Our team goes searching for the greatest and stylist pieces from the past and present designers. They even taken creativity into their own hands by making everything from t-shirts to jeans look like true one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Natalia Pereira, Head Buyer

Maria Pagiazitis, Assistant Buyer

Samantha Weedon, Team Member

Elizabeth Farley, Team Member