Merchandising Society Teams

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FIT Link Blogger

The FIT Link team is in charge of updating all club event recaps onto FITLink, a social network for FIT clubs! 

Natalie Menjivar, Manager


Industry Liason

The Industry Liaison team is responsible for connecting the members of the Merchandising Society to professionals in the working world of the fashion industry. We strive to introduce the club to each facet of the industry through guest speakers an showroom visits.

Mackenzie Dugan, Manager      

Savana Galloway, Assistant Manager

Lauren CrooksIndustry,Team Member            

Schyler McKayIndustry,Team Member



The Marketing team is in charge of getting the FIT Student Body aware of our club and what we are about. We are responsible for promoting this club with flyers, business cards, and updating the bulletin board.

Joanna Del Priore, Manager           

Kayley Mc Carthy, Assistant Manager

Sarah Goldwasser, Assistant Manager

Alexa Deleon, Team Member


Special Events

The Special Events team is responsible for the “This Week in the City” and special events that occur every other week along with holiday parties throughout the year! We are here to create friendships, what better job could there be?

Grace Laurentz, Manager            

Tran Quoc Anh Dinh, Assistant Manager

Sarah Reichner, Party Planner


Web Relations

The Web Relations team is responsible for maintaining the Merchandising Society’s website and email account. We work hard to make sure everything you see here is up-to-date and our members are well-informed.                            

Jenna Krumholtz, Manager

Andrea Dunn, Assistant Manager

Jenna Henley, Team Member

Alumni Affairs

The Alumni Affairs team acts as the liaison between the Merchandising Society and alumni of our club. We send emails to alumni weekly asking for advice so they can be featured on the agenda. Each semester we plan an event for the alumni and to give the members of the club networking experience.

Tara McGuinness, Manager  

Hailey Tirado, Assistant Manager

Emma Lewis, Team Member

Molly Recker, Team Member



The Historian team is responsible for documenting and collecting photos of the events Merchandising Society puts on. We also put together the scrapbook and slide show at the end of each semester.

Hailey Rivell, Manager

Erin Campbell, Team Member

Lillian Cruz, Team Member



The International team is in charge of communicating with Merchandising Students that are abroad. They sends agendas and weekly recaps to those students so they can stay informed. The International team is the liasion between MS Students in American and MS students in other countrires.

Olivia Ippolito, International-Italy

Diannamarie Kimbley, Manager

Lisa OmanInternational, Assistant Manager


Social Media

As the Social Media team, it is our job to maintain the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, as well as write for our blog, The Society. We post about upcoming Merchandising Society and Style Shop events to keep our members in the know, and also write about guest speakers, street style, WWD topics, and various events around the city. 

Tristan Volpe, Manager    

Caitlyn Hammons, Assistant Manager    

Amanda Dugan, Assistant Manager

Nicole Bara, Team Member

Student Council

Student Council Representatives act as liaisons between the Merchandising Society and FIT’s Student Council. We represent MS and Style Shop at all meetings and relaying the information discussed back to MS members                

Zainab Wajahat, Student Council Representative

Leslie Prieto, Student Council Representative